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Live Work and Play in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon this Summer.

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Live Work and Play in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon this Summer.

Olallie Lake Resort is a high mountain rustic resort with 10 cabins, 2 yurts, a small general store and campground with row boat rentals. 

Energetic staff needed to provide customer service and light duting maintenance on the facility.

Staff lives and plays on site for the duration of the summer mid June through mid September.  Staff housing is provided,  meals are prepared in the staff kitchen from ingredients ordered by staff members and supplied by the resort owners.

Small staff (3-5 people) work varied shifts and shares duties which include;  general storekeeping,  boat tending,  cabin cleaning, wood supply and light maintenance such as painting.  

Time off activities include; hiking, (The Pacific Crest Trail passes through the Olallie Scenic Area) fishing,  swimming, and enjoying living in the beautiful outdoors. 

No electricity  Olallie Lake Resort runs on generators.  cell phone is spotty,  no wifi.

Pay includes monthly salary  including room and board.

Non smokers preferred.

Minimum age 21 years.

Take a look at the resort on our website at www.olallielakeresort.com.  Beautiful Scenic and Enjoyable place to spend time. 

Mt Hood from Olallie Lake Resort


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