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When I started traveling in 1998 it wasn’t to become this eclectically cultured globetrotter, modern day vagabond, travel blogger or even an adventure job expert.  It was actually to repurpose my life & discover my path in the world.  I had never even heard of Long Term Travel.  Didn’t own a passport, and didn’t know any backpackers.  All I knew was that I was leaving “suburbia capital of the world”  for bigger and better things in Los Angeles!  I was completely unaware of the foundation I was about to build for my future.   I had no idea the door I was about to open or the world I was about to discover.  One random restaurant job showed me a life I never even knew existed.  That one magical summer provided me with life long friends, new hobbies, great pay & an introduction to a life of travel.  The addiction was irresistible, but I had more questions than answers.


At that time AOL was an internet typhoon!  Google, Facebook, Craigslist & travel blogs were decades away.  Texting hadn’t even been invented. So I tapped into the only travel network I could find Beach Bums & Hippies. They pointed me towards the woods and the waves.  Their logic was sound and I found samples of success over the next few years.  Nothing like that first season.  I was chasing ghosts trying to duplicate what I found in Malibu all those years ago.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2008 when I found that travel magic again on a zipline course in Alaska

Travel Blog Photo of Alaska Canopy Crew 2008 Season

In that moment in time life was magnificent, but nothing could have prepared me for the present fate was about to deliver.  One of the guides from Alaska got me a job at a ski resort in Washington that blindsided me with passion & joy.  Read more about my first year as a ski bum.

I was finding my way around the world through this secret society called “Globetrotters”  made up of hippies, beach bums, ski bums, vagabonds, dirtbags & van dwellers.   Its hard to articulate the passion & connection a fellow traveler will extend to one another in this community.  The only requirement to gain admission was to be a traveler seeking new cultures, experiences, adventures & friends.  There was no secret handshake, membership dues,  rules or regulations.  It was just a way of life pursued by curious eyes looking for different vantage points along the way.  A commodity I find unusually comforting, but the rarity of this experience is collectively infectious.

Unfortunately the globetrotters network has migrated from campfires along the river to digital screens of information, or maybe this is…….. fortunately.  Depending on your vantage point or type of travel. Which is one of the most challenging things to define because each of us have our own translation of what defines travel.  No matter the version your seeking we can all agree travel sparks a passion within all of us.   That sense of adventure & discovery awaken the soul & fuel an excitement burning from within.   The core foundation for why I decided to create the travel blog My Adventure Jobs.


There are so many travel blogs out there that don’t actually provide any relevant information.  They say things like pack a bag lunch, stop paying ATM fees, apply for a credit card, insert other not helpful ideas here.  Majority of the household name travel blogs don’t even write their own posts.  Some don’t even pay for their own travel.  Others only focus on monetization.  Others would be lost like a teenager at a new school if there hostel didn’t have a bar!! Some travel blogs would be dumbfounded without the pamphlets of guided tour operators in the lobby.  You would be surprised at how many travel bloggers actually learned how to travel by way of guided tours, cruises, & expensive accommodations.  Don’t get me wrong these things are necessary in the travel world/industry. Its just hard to take you serious when you preach your a budget traveler while flying first class with free accommodations.


So why this travel blog?  I’ve literally been traveling the world since 1998 from the temples of Thailand to the beaches of Brazil.  I was working as a ski instructor in New Zealand before the internet was even a thing!  Before google was even invented I was a zipline guide in Alaska soaring over Grizzly Bears with Bald Eagles.  France kidnapped me from Chicago so they could pay me to babysit a building.  Lost my ass on the poker tables in Aruba, but made it to the World Cup in Brazil.  I’ve worked in every National Park in America, and have ski’d at over 100 different resorts in the US.  I’ve been charged by grizzlies, swam with dolphins(link this), surfed in hurricanes(link this), ridden elephants(link this) & held a bald eagle(link this) I have been mugged, kidnapped, ran over & stalked.  I’ve worked at more restaurants then most people have eaten at, and lived in more places than most people have read about & have been travelling longer than most bloggers have been travel blogging.  Since 2008 I have gone to a new tourist town every summer, and a new ski resort every winter.  If you want to know how to travel the world and get paid for it let me show you how.  You don’t need a big bank account, sponsors or experience.  You don’t really need anything except desire.

I’ve been networking for decades, and  have provided hundreds of adventure opportunities to my friends over the years.  I have met so many strangers that have become life long friends.   So many random encounters, situations, scenarios & “travel angels” that have contributed to this amazing journey!  Without all of you none of this would have been possible so ring my digital doorbell with your emails.  It always brightens my day, and would love to answer any questions you may have.

 My Adventure Jobs is my way to give back to the community of travelers, globetrotters, nomads & vagabonds.  Help you plan your adventures, fund your travels, share my tales & ultimately help you live your dreams.