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Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Adventurous Opportunities

Summer Camp Jobs Deep in the heart of the Berkshires, a highland region of Western Massachusetts known for its outdoor adventure opportunities, resides a magical overnight summer camp for boys known as Camp Mahkeenac. An all-inclusive [...]

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How To Create Catchy and Intriguing Job Titles

Looking to find the best team members for your company? Here are 3 pointers for creating a job ad that delivers: Write attention-grabbing headlines    The headline is the most important part of a job ad. It’s your first [...]


You Don't Get A 2nd Chance For a 1st Impression

Take a look at your employer profile and pretend you are a potential job seeker. How does your profile look? [...]


Creating Lifetime Connections With Employees

Most of us here at My Adventure Jobs come from the seasonal industry. We’re familiar with the ups and downs [...]


Applying For Jobs Now Happens On A Cell Phone ~ YIKES!

These days, the majority of people surfing the web do so from a mobile device — including job seekers here [...]