Applying For Jobs Now Happens On A Cell Phone ~ YIKES!

These days, the majority of people surfing the web do so from a mobile device — including job seekers here at My Adventure Jobs. That should come as no surprise, of course, considering the mobile nature and lifestyle of seasonal workers.


That means that if your application process is not mobile friendly, you can expect to lose upwards of 50% of potential applicants. A convenient online application process (that is mobile friendly) is vital for finding the best workers available.


If you’re still relying on a PDF document that applicants need to print, you’re severely impacting your application numbers. Most people don’t have at-home printers, making this an inconvenient (and soon to be archaic) way of finding potential staff. 


Not only is printing out a document a tedious step, you’re then asking applicants to go and mail it off — another unnecessary hoop they have to jump through.


In addition, another common mistake we see employers make is asking applicants for a resume and/or cover letter. More often than not, this leads to people “resume spamming” and applying for jobs they may not be the best fit for.


Instead, use a custom-built online form. That way, you can ensure each and every applicant meets your specific criteria. You want genuine, interested applicants. By creating a custom online form, you can weed out spammers while ensuring applicants include relevant answers to any vital questions you have. 


Think of the application process like online shopping. If you found something you wanted to buy, added it to your shopping cart, and proceeded to the checkout screen, how likely would you be to purchase the item if you were then prompted to print out your order and mail it in?


Not very likely.


Remember, job seekers become future team members. They are the face of your company. But more than that, they are your #1 customer. Their experience with your application process and onboarding should be crafted with the same care and consideration that you’d invest in your customer experience.


In short, the more mobile-friendly and convenient your application process, the more (and better) applications you’ll receive!

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