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How to Write Descriptive Job Ads & Catchy Job Titles


Have a position you need to fill? Chances are you already have a job description ready and know exactly what you’re looking for in a potential hire. Now, all you need to do is copy and paste the job description into an online job ad and the resumes will come flying in.


The  Job Ad

Well, not exactly. Because a job ad and a job description aren’t the same thing.

A job ad tells job seekers who you are. It lets them know where you are located and what the position is that you’re hiring for. It also informs them what it’s like to work in that specific position. A job ad also highlights necessary personal traits as well as if any perks are offered, such as room and board. This helps prospective employees decide if they would be a good fit for your organization.

By creating a job ad, you have the opportunity to attract like-minded individuals and get them interested and excited about the opportunity to work with you.

The Job Description

A job description on the other hand is usually just a bulleted list with the specific responsibilities and requirements.

For example, a hotel front-desk clerk and a hotel housekeeper might have similar customer-oriented job descriptions (assist guests in a friendly and professional manner, ensure guests have any questions or concerns addressed, etc.) however, a job ad will highlight the practical differences in these positions while also providing an overview as to the schedule, wages, location, room and board, and other perks.

Employers Responsibility

Employers need to ensure their ad and descriptions are detailed, engaging, and clearly communicate what is required (as well as what is offered). You want to make sure prospective employees can envision themselves working for you after reading the job ad.

In short, you need to market your work opportunities with the same care, detail, and planning that you’d spend marketing to your customers and guests.

A well-crafted job ad will pay dividends in the long run. By investing the time to create a balanced, engaging, and informative job ad with a detailed and well-constructed description, you’ll be able to connect directly with the most suitable and interested job seekers.

Your ad is an opportunity to be creative and engaging and will serve to pull in like-minded folks and get them intrigued and excited about the possibility of working for you. You want them to be able to think, “I can see myself there”. Also be sure to include any perks you may offer, including room & board information

The Job Title

Everything listed above is for nothing if you can’t get people to click on your ad.

How do you create a catch job title?  Have fun with it!  Let out your sense of humor.  Tap into job seeker’s emotions, or set up intriguing trip wires that make them just have to know what your talking about.  For example, check out these previous job titles on My Adventure Jobs.

  1. Have you ever laughed for 180 days straight?
  2. When was the last time you pushed a tourist overboard?
  3. Who wants to have a food fight and dishout wedgies?
  4. Feel like punching your boss?  How about lighting their house on fire?


My Adventure Jobs is all about harnessing an unconventional approach to life.  Why should posting one of your amazing jobs be any different?

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